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June 2020

Itchy Isabell's Major Recovery

Due to the thousands of animals that pass through our doors, the in-house ARF veterinary team sees quite a few unique cases. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve focused on helping public shelters with animals in greatest need. Isabell is no exception.

By the time this 5-year-old cat made her way to ARF, her skin was an absolute nightmare. An itchy mess, she was swollen with red welts, missing patches of fur, scratching at inflamed scabs, and crawling with fleas. It was difficult to determine where to start her healing process! Our veterinary team dove into action.


Saving Both Ends of the Leash® Continues 

ARF’s Pets and Vets program continues life-saving work while following local health orders. Since March, we paired 7 future service dogs with veterans, providing much appreciated companionship, especially for anyone the forced to shelter alone in their homes. Training continues through online video sessions with our expert staff. Plus, thanks to Contra Costa County recently lifting construction restrictions, progress continues on the new, national Pets & Vets Center.

With 27 dogs currently in training and the new building 50% completed, the Pets and Vets program will be stronger than ever.

Take Care When Walking Your Dog in Warm Weather

As the days get warmer, make sure summer is as safe as it is fun. Remember to be aware of your surroundings and follow these tips when spending time outdoors:

•  When taking your pet for a walk, use the palm of your hand to get a read on the ground's temperature.
•  Always bring water to keep your pet (and yourself) hydrated.
•  Take advantage of cooler dawn and dusk temperatures.
•  Never leave your pet in a car unattended — even for a quick errand.

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