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July 2019

From Homeless to Service, the Story of Baxter
Not too long ago, poor Baxter was part of a backyard dog-fighting ring. With a sweet temperament toward other animals, it’s not an environment where he would have lasted long. By a miracle, he was rescued by a member of a local homeless encampment who hoped to spare him from the life of a fighting dog. Unfortunately, when Baxter's rescuer found himself in trouble and was incarcerated, Baxter was once again alone on the streets. He roamed his urban neighborhood, scrounging food during the day, and retreating to any safe space he could find at night. The local animal shelter finally caught up with him and that’s where Baxter's tale really begins.
Kittens Can Use Training, Too!
Just like puppies, kittens need socialization. That’s why ARF began a new training program for your young feline: Kitten Kindergarten. These structured, three-week classes are a great way to socialize and train kittens younger than 16 weeks. Curriculum includes acclimating kittens to their carriers, introducing them to a harness, teaching them to sit via clicker training, and "recess" where they can play with their kitty classmates. Meanwhile, their guardians will learn about optimal litter box set up, enrichment, toys, treats, scratching posts, and more.

Book a class online today to unlock your kitten’s inner potential and help them grow up into a cool, confident cat!
Be Prepared: Make Your Own "Pet Go-Bag"

If past disasters have taught us anything, it's that it never hurts to have a plan. One of the most important things you can do to help ensure the safety of your pets during times of crisis is to keep a "pet go-bag" in your home, in case you are forced to leave at a moment's notice. ARF recommends keeping the following in your bag:

  • Dry or canned food for 3 days
  • Extra leash, harness, and collar
  • Any pet medication
  • First-aid kit (including bandages, gauze & medical tape, antiseptic wipes, hydrogen peroxide, scissors, and tweezers)
  • Collapsible bowls for food and water 
  • Important paperwork (including proof of vaccination, health history, proof of ownership, and a photo of pet)
  • Comfort items (such as toys, favorite treats, and/or bedding)
  • Flashlight with fully-charged batteries

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