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March 2019

Giving FIV Positive Cats a Chance to Shine
By the time Cadbury made his way to ARF, he was in rough shape. When ARF’s veterinary clinic dove into action, they discovered a myriad of treatable medical issues. A painful broken tooth needed extraction. His long fur was so full of deep tangles, large mats, and burrs it required shaving. An eye infection necessitated medicine, and struvite crystals in his bladder called for a new, healthier diet.
But they also discovered one issue they couldn’t “cure.” At some point in his homeless travels, Cadbury had contracted feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV).
Summer Fun at Camp ARF
If your child can’t get enough of animals, their summer break won’t be complete without a week at Camp ARF! Our award-winning camps bring powerful lessons of respect, responsibility, and good citizenship for all to the next generation of animal lovers. There’s an exciting variety of camps to choose from, including our always popular Vet Camp for your little future veterinarian. High schoolers can explore their passion for pets with our Junior Dog Trainer class alongside ARF’s expert behavior staff. Give your child a summer experience they’ll never forget - register today!
ARF Dives into Action After Northern California Floods
Recent Northern California floods activated ARF's rescue team, which offered relief to our partners at Sonoma County Animal Services that were overwhelmed caring for animals lost or displaced by the dangerous and damaging water. Adult dogs and cats previously up for adoption in Sonoma crossed the Bay to be welcomed by staff care and prepared to find their happy families through ARF. When disaster strikes, time and space are often at a premium, and we’re happy to always help secure happy endings for all animals involved.

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Don't miss everyone's favorite annual celebration of dogs and cats. Save the Date for Animals on Broadway on Sunday, May 19!

2.5HugTails2.jpgSpringtime brings puppy and kitten season. Help us prepare by bringing a gift to our Puppy & Kitten Shower.

Ten-year-old Tyler is a super-sweet senior pup looking for a nice calm retirement.
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