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Sept 2017 Paws Press
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September 2018

Goliath's Journey to Health and Happiness
The smallest pup in his litter, the ironically-named Goliath was always a small step behind his siblings. But as they left him behind, chasing toys and tumbling over one another in their foster homes, it became clear that Goliath’s diminutive stature wasn’t what was holding him back.

He was having trouble keeping meals down, and as a result, wasn’t growing big and strong as one would expect. ARF’s veterinary staff began feeding him small meals in an upright position by putting his food bowl on a tiny stool, and keeping him in an upright position for ten minutes after each meal (using an adorable “puppy bjorn”). A series of x-rays and a CT scan confirmed their theory that he had a pair of conditions called  “Persistent Aortic Arch” (PRAA) causing a "mega-esophagus", which means his heart valve had grown around his esophagus, constricting food from getting down into his stomach when in a normal all-fours position!
Caring for the Pets Who Care for Our Veterans
At ARF, we know firsthand that pets are family. And we’re proud to offer our services up, for free, to the furry family members of our nation’s military veterans. Every week, ARF’s custom-built mobile clinic visits Veterans Affairs Health Care clinics to perform wellness exams, give vaccinations, and answer questions about basic pet well-being. This much-needed care for the dogs and cats of these veterans can be critical for the well-being of their families.

Between our weekly VA mobile clinic visits, and our Pets and Vets service dog training program, ARF is proud to work hard on behalf of the men and women who served this country. For more information, including our clinic’s schedule and locations, visit
Children Gain Confidence Through All Ears Reading®
Sometimes all a struggling young reader needs is a pair of eager and nonjudgmental ears to assist them. And when those ears are attached to the amazing therapy dogs of ARF’s Pet Hug Pack®, the results can be extraordinary. All Ears Reading® is a free program hosted at libraries and schools. Children from first to fifth grade are paired up with therapy animals to practice reading, improve skills, boost confidence, and foster an all-around passion for books.

Visit for more information and pre-register at your local participating library to reserve your child’s spot. Happy reading!

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Wine & Whiskers is this Saturday, September 8! Still need a reservation? Only a handful remain, so grab your spot now!

Join ARF at the Bay Area Pet Fair September 15-16 at the Alameda County Fairgrounds for the nation's largest pet party and adoption event. 

Animal Tales, ARF's free program for the youngest animal-lovers, has returned on the third Thursday of every month.

Raj Mathai is a gentle kitten looking for a nice, calm home and a warm lap to sleep on.
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